Upcoming Events
Sunday 19th August 10am Topical: TBABill Dewar
Sunday 26th August 10am Philippians: A Personal LetterGlyn Thomas
Sunday 2nd September 10am Philippians: (Family Service) Thick Skin, Tender HeartMichael van den Brink
Sunday 9th September 10am Philippians: The Indomitable ServantTha Boe Kyaw
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Sunday 19th August 6:30pm The Letters (PG) DramaVeiw Trailer
Sunday 2nd September 6:30pm Lion (PG-13) Biography, DramaVeiw Trailer
Sunday 16th September 6:30pm The Shack (PG-13) Drama, FantasyVeiw Trailer
Sunday 7th October 6:30pm Eddie the Eagle (PG-13) Biography, Comedy, DramaVeiw Trailer
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2018 Movie Nights
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